It's true that many factors go into answering the daily question, "What to wear, what to wear?" Aside from the day's weather factor, the dress code of your day, your workplace or what you plan to do, the real question should be, "what should I wear to flatter my particular body type?"

Here is 8 of my all time favorite tips from Suzanne Mauro, AICI, professional media/fashion stylist.

Curvey - whatever you do, do not hide your figure in anything oversized. Do not think that over-sized volumes of fabric hide your figure in a flattering way, they actually just add volume. Sometimes fitted dresses lightly tightened around your body make a beautiful professional and day look. Do not shy away from prints & patterns. Curvy girls can wear them too with the right lines. Lengthen your neckline & draw the eye up to the face with V-necks. ( We love this Hale Bob Graphic Dress $178.00 available at One Brilliant pictured above)

Petite - If your petite the most important points to note are lengths & proportions. You want to draw the eye up and create a greater stature. Try a 3/4-sleeve blouse, jacket or cardigan, petites should consider a tasteful skin reveal that will actually make them appear taller. Go for a dress that will graze the knee, anything longer will shorten your stature. ( We love this Hale Bob Mixed Media Dress $178.00 available at One Brilliant pictured above)

Tall - Tall women who do not wish to emphasize their height should accentuate the neck, try wearing a statement necklace. Make sure your clothing does not cut you short. Your dress should be fitted to your natural waistline to avoid cutting your torso too high.

Athletic - Wear open necklines, and try wider cut pants. Wide-leg pants flatter muscular hips and thighs, smoothing out and softening lines. A peplum top is a great way to exaggerate the waist and a good piece to wear with a pencil skirt.

Column - For a more boyish or box shape, your goal is to create curves. Go for pieces that have a strong emphasis on the waist, a thick belt can give the illusion of a natural waist. Use a contrasting color at the bust to add definition. Opt for dresses with a hem line falling right at the knee, pair with a heel to give the illusion of an elongated silhouette.

Bottom-Heavy - Emphasize your face by showing a little skin - shoulders, cleavage and arms. Try wearing a lighter color, on the top half of your dress. Choose dresses that have plain bottom halves in dark colors.

Plus-Size - Try a soft piece with one tailored piece. Try a flowy top, skirt to the knee and add a tailored jacket with structure. This will frame your look. Go for tucks and pleats in blouses and dresses to drape over curvy areas with grace & ease.

Always, always wear something that makes you feel your most confident. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothing.


(Both dresses by Hale Bob available at One Brilliant)

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