"I like to open every season with a red outfit, it sets a tone and it's politically appropriate," states Julie Louis-Dreyfus about her Selina Meyer character on the television series, "VEEP", airing on HBO. Her character also wears a lot of primary colors, black, white & navy.

Julie also states that a sleeveless dress shows your arm definition, which is important - especially for a woman. It shows she can stand her ground. We love this navy & black leather panel dress by Fifteen Twenty pictured above $238.00, available at One Brilliant.

A coiffed do is the thing in Washington these days, especially short hair, so she wears a wig for her character.

Her character must exude power in every possible way, and very high heels are one way of expressing sexual power.

She also relies on fitted dresses and ultimately it's the silhouette of the dress that matters.


We love this dress that will command attention from the boardroom to a network meeting by Clover Canyon, $298.00 available at One Brilliant.

You can watch season 3 of "VEEP" starring Julie Louis-Dreyfus on HBO.



written by Suzanne Mauro, AICI







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