Long associated with royals & riches, this beautiful dark red will bring a deep and mysterious allure to your wardrobe and will lend an air of luxury to any outfit. Plus, its warmth flatters every skin tone.

How To Wear It: Like navy , it's subtle enough to serve as a neutral. Try pairing it with cobalt blue. We just love it with this Finley suede cobalt blue jacket $328.00 available at One Brilliant.

The simplest way would be to pair it with navy, it will create a result that is hard to miss. We love this navy Walter Baker Dalton skirt $178.00 paired with Central Park West's brandy wine sweater $128.00 both available at One Brilliant.

Swap out your little black dress for a sexy brandy wine dress. It will make a bold & sensual statement. We love Muse Faux Leather and Lace sheath dress pictured below. $198.00 available at One Brilliant.



This color can also be quite authoritative. Remember to that adjusting your makeup would be a fabulous plus. A "chic" purple would be a perfect match.



Suzanne Mauro, AICI




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