"Style"  all who have it share one thing - originality.


Our One Brilliant Style File profile for October is the style of Lucy Massaro.A Pediatric Occupational Therapist for The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh, mother of four & wife has an equally distinctive yet entirely unique style, that we all just adore.

Her signature look is mixing and matching different colors and prints bursting with personality. Like a stylish chameleon, Lucy can mix it up and play with trends. It is the perfect way to have fun with fashion.


Lucy Massaro - One Brilliant Style File Profile

What is your biggest style challenge?

Mastering the mix of bold colors and mixing & matching prints, without looking to overdone or busy. I love layering pieces, pairing new with vintage and combining multiple textures.

( Lucy is wearing Nic & Zoe Windfall Twirl Jacket $298.00, with a Brave leather wrap belt $138.00 all available at One Brilliant pictured above)

Who is your style inspiration?

My mom, she is always so put together from "head to toe." She has always been my fashion and style inspiration.

What was the last clothing/accessory purchase that you made?

Leather Lysse leggings and a flare sweater dress from One Brilliant.


Do you think Pittsburgh is becoming a more stylish town?

Yes, Pittsburgh is slowly becoming a much more stylish town. I see a difference more so every day.


(Lucy is wearing metallic brown gold jacquard dress by Donna Morgan $248.00 and Dana Stein rabbit fur wrap $188.00 both available at One Brilliant)

Fashion is in the clothes, but style is in the wearer. Lucy we love your style and eloquence. You are a true style setter. It is what sets you apart and inspires us everyday!




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Lucy looks great! I love when she comes in to the store. She is always looking for the latest trend and willing to try anything. She has an open mind to fashion and does the latest styles, justice!

Sara Baum