Approaching sale shopping in a smart way means that you will get the most out of your money, walk away with great clothes and avoid any feelings of regret. It all begins with preparation - you need to know your current wardrobe, what you don't have and would like and updating your existing outfits for the trends that you liked from the new season. Concentrating on staple items that may need replacing as well as classic pieces. Beautifully cut dresses, trousers, blouses and jackets can be cleverly layered to take you from winter to spring.

Think about pieces you can wear in different ways: We just love this coat dress by Aysha, it's a piece you can wear over and over again and in a multitude of ways.

Now is the time to invest in those pieces whose price tags would normally make you wince, if you've always wanted that cashmere piece or luxury dress or jacket, buy them now. These are the classic items that will last you for years without coming in and out of fashion.

Bags are a timeless sales buy and will continue to prove to be a good investment.

The key is to get on the list of your favorite store, so that you receive the early preview by email and that your favorite sales person knows what you have had your eye on all season.

When you find that perfect piece it's all worth it in the end. Some people think that it is too much effort for too little a reward, but some of my best pieces have been sale item purchases.

Remember sales are fabulous, especially when they are at your favorite store. One Brilliant, of course.  See you at the sale & Happy Hunting!

Suzanne Mauro, AICI

model: Rachel M.






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