6 Style Tips for Wearing Hats

Suzanne Mauro

I love wearing hats. Wearing one does not have to be complicated. Still, when stepping into the hat game either as a newbie or someone whose just been on a hat hiatus, there are some key things to remember about picking out & styling hats.

Here are 6 of my style tips for wearing:

You will need to switch up your accessory game. Armfuls of bracelets and some layered necklaces? Sure, but stay away from chandelier or other statement earrings. It is a little bit to much going on above the neck when you're wearing too.

You will want to think about that hat like it's a pair of sunglasses & choose one that suits the frame of your face.  If you have a larger jawline, a cowboy hat can help balance it out with that wider brim. If you are petite a large framed hat might overwhelm you. Try new styles on in front of a mirror before you commit.You do not want to pack certain hats in a suitcase. Like straw ones. If you smush it into a weekend bag you will likely end up with a dent in it that's hard to get out. Be gentle and cautious with hats or they will lose their original shape.

Pay close attention when shopping for hats online. Most hats measure 22 inches in circumference, but not all of them keep those standards. Some measure 21 inches. Make sure you know the measurements.

Stay away from fabrics that are matchy-matchy with your outfit. A leather baseball cap may be cool, but not so great with your wax-coated jeans and leather top. Go for a cotton baseball cap instead.

A tilted hat to the side creates a face-slimming effect.

Hats provide a great way to create an instant image. So get into the hat game and check out our fabulous collection at One Brilliant.


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