A lot of people who don't wear scrubs to work envy those who do. After all, scrubs just look so darned comfortable. But as anyone who has worn them on a daily basis knows, sometimes it is hard to feel, well, stylish.

Don't tell that to our April Style File, Vikki Caumo, Clinical Director of Associates Surgery Centers, LLC and a registered nurse of Ophthalmology.  "I love fashion," say Vikki "what you wear is the first glimpse into your persona and another way to express yourself." "Growing up I had many relatives and friends who influenced my style and way of dressing." Today Vikki's style is captivating and versatile. "I am always open to stepping out of my comfort zone and switching my looks. I have many different pieces in my wardrobe and I love mixing and matching to create outfits."

What is your biggest style challenge? For me my biggest challenge is a combination both of my height and my body shape. Being 5'3" and having a pear shape body type, it sometimes is difficult to find just the right pant, dress or outfit to flatter my figure.

What is the one thing in your closet you cannot live without? A great pair of jeans. I love jeans that fit me well and flatter my shape. I love the jean brands at One Brilliant, they fit well, wash well and keep their shape. Jeans can go from a busy day at work to a celebratory night out on the town. It is one stable item that is sure to make its presence in your wardrobe, especially mine.

What was the last clothing item or accessory that you purchased? A Tadashi Shoji dress and a few great tops from One Brilliant.

Is Pittsburgh becoming a more stylish city? Yes I believe that Pittsburgh is becoming a more stylish city. You can see the difference in how people are dressing everyday in the city. I also feel that there are many more stylish clothing store options for people to see more trendy clothes and have access to purchase them.

Vikki, we love your unrivalled sense of style, beauty and fearless attitude. Don't ever change!


Suzanne Mauro, AICI




Comments (3)

Beautiful model and clothing. Every time I see her she has some awesome piece on from One Brilliant! I must get there and do some shopping as I’m from the south hills.the dress looks fabulous on Vik.


Great model also a great selection of clothes,the only problem I am from the Washington,PA. area and don’t get up there as often as I’d like. If you get a chance visit the place.


What a beautiful model and great article. I am from Pittsburgh and have lived in Toronto for many years. I will be sure to visit One Brilliant next time I’m in The Burgh.

Debra Garside