White, the effortlessly elegant look for spring. A look that is just too chic to pass up. Most people however avoid white, simply because they are not quite sure how to pull it off or they feel that it is too high maintenance. I can assure you that making an all-white fashion statement is as easy as a spring breeze. The pros of an all-white outfit far outweigh the cons. Here are a few of my style tips on making it easier to wear white.

1) Ease into it with adding an eggshell piece. Sometime stark white can be extremely harsh. Creamy shades, such as eggshell, are much more forgiving for the beginner trying to assemble her first entirely white outfit.  We added this Jule Brown ivory tweed coat, $228.00 for an effortless look, but oh so impactful.

2) Mix and Match textures. For a more varied look, mix & match textures to create dimension. Do not be afraid to pair silk, lace, denim and chiffon. A flowy white skirt with a cotton tank, or a flowy white sundress with a tweed blazer. We just love this Luna Luz white tank dress $189.00 with an Ecru tweed blazer, $139.00

3) Layering is your friend. Another way to add dimension to your all-white outfit. Adding a jacket, blazer, vest or scarf can elevate your look entirely.

4) Add neutral accessories. Believe me accessories can make a huge impact on any outfit. Neutral accessories with white almost never fail. Nude, soft pastels or even soft gray are always safe bets. INZI soft pale blue bag $118 and Brave all white fringe belt $108.00

5) Proportion is key. This is a rule that applies to style in general. Pairing white with white can be a tricky affair to begin with, so take extra care to ensure proportions are correct. Example, long is often best matched with short.

6) Walk with confidence. Sometimes a little confidence is all you need to convince everyone that all-white is the only way to go this spring.

7) Remember it's all about easy pieces and effortlessly elegant looks.

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Suzanne Mauro, AICI








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