One Brilliant Style File Profile - June

Suzanne Mauro

One of the reasons that I love our city is because of our perpetual entrepreneurial spirit. It's in these summer months that we typically expand our creative experiences through books, trips and movies. We bring onto ourselves an entrepreneurial spirit. Our feature this month spotlights Rachel Priselac. We picked Rachel whose entrepreneurial acumen inspires us. Her relentless drive and keen eye for style makes our city a better place and worthy with sharing with our readers.

What is your biggest style challenge? Finding clothing that easily fits into my lifestyle. I don't work in a traditional environment but still like to be pulled together. Aside from my involvement in Market Street Grocery I am a Designer, Adjunct Professor and Marketer, so I need outfits that can go from client meetings to photo shoots to rearranging the shelves at the store.

What is the one item in your closet you cannot live without? Skinny black pants, cropped right above the ankle. I can wear them in any season, with flats, heels or boots and dress them up or down. The Fifteen Twenty pair I bought from One Brilliant have been on heavy rotation.

Did you have any early influences growing-up that sparked your interest in fashion/clothes? I remember the first time I read a story about Kate Moss in Vogue. I thought she was just the chicest and coolest person I had ever seen. I even cut my hair into a pixie in college based on one of her haircuts.


What is the last clothing item or accessory that you purchased? I just bought a strapless black wide leg jumpsuit by Black Halo at One Brilliant. I have yet to see a Black Halo piece that I do not adore, they have such impeccable tailoring. I cannot wait to wear it out on a date with my husband.

Most stylish movie? It's impossible for me to pick just one. Anything with Audrey Hepburn is perfection, her all-black outfit in Funny Face or that stunning Givenchy gown in Sabrina, I love them all. On a totally different track I also loved the costuming in American Hustle, the 70s vibe is amazing.

Is Pittsburgh becoming a more stylish city? I love watching the evolution of Pittsburgh and the style. I live downtown and everyday see such a fabulous mix of people, students, residents, workers and at night it shifts over to people coming in for entertainment. I am constantly inspired by the outfits and style I see out and about in Pittsburgh.

You can find Rachel at

and follow on twitter @MarketStGrocery

(All Rachel's clothing available at One Brilliant) Shot on location at Market Street Grocery, Pittsburgh.


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