Wearing White has been a summer tradition for over a century. There is just something cool and refreshing about white clothing that makes it chic on even the hottest days. Now that summer is here and the "wearing white" season is upon us, I am sharing my quick fashion fixes for keeping your white clothing looking fabulous and a few tricks for those awkward wardrobe malfunctions.

Scenario:  You spill red sangria on your white pants.

Solution:    Club soda and salt, hydrogen peroxide, white wine, these tricks may work, but the best kept secret is milk. Try and tend to the stain immediately after it happens. Blot it with milk using a washcloth or paper towel, and then go back and soak it again with more milk. In an hour or less, the stain will disappear.

Scenario:   You find deodorant stains before you head out the door.

Solution:    The deodorant stains are easy to get out. Rub another part of your garment onto the stained area, and use a dry sponge to instantly zap up any remaining residue. Also you can always use garment shields for the inner armpit of any garment. 

Scenario:   Keeping those Summer Whites Bright

Solution:    It is tempting to use lots of bleach on white clothing, but when over used, it can actually weaken the fibers on your favorite garment over time. Instead, add a half-cup to a cup of lemon juice to your detergent to give your whites a fresh lift, then air dry them.  

Scenario:    You pack neatly, but still find all your clothes totally wrinkled.

Solution:     Wrinkle Wiz will do the trick. Spray the wrinkled area on your garment, stretch it out with your hand or lay it flat on a table and rub it in a downwards motion with your clean hand. It really works. http://wrinklewiz.com/

Scenario:     Static problems

Solution:      Metal will help discharge the static. Use safety pins to prevent static before it happens. Pin four or five to the seams of your pants, dress or skirt.

Scenario:     Your hemline comes undone.

Solution:      My favorite stylists tip that every woman should know, Vapon Top Stick.  It is toupee tape. It is a trick that a lot of wardrobe stylist's use for keeping necklines in place. Adhere it to one side of the hem and then fold it up. http://www.vapon.com/


Suzanne Mauro, AICI









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