The Layered Look

Suzanne Mauro

Fall is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talent to layer (-and yes, layering is most certainly a talent). With that in mind, we at One Brilliant are here to share our expert tips on transition pieces, the best layering pieces for your figure and mastering the art of layering.

1) Use a bold color to pull patterns together. We just love this bold pink jacket by Volt Design, $210.00. The beauty of a slim pencil skirt is that it allows over layers to lie flat. Graphic slim skirt by Fifteen Twenty $98.00.

2) Make sure your turtleneck is whisper thin. We love this Nic & Zoe cotton sleeveless turtleneck $108.00. Allow under layers to poke out for extra interest.

3) Go for a long necklace to elongate your look. Add a fun fur collar to take it up a notch. We love this one by Hale Bob, $278.00.

4) A coat of mixed materials can provide unexpected texture. We love this car coat by Nic & Zoe, $238.00. (picture below)

5) Add a faux leather vest over your coat. Accentuate your waist with a belt and know where your jacket should match with your shoulders so things look crisper and sharper. Vest by red23 $158.00, belt by Brave $138.00.


6) Don't be afraid to layer different shades of one color. No they do not have to match.

7) Try a single palette (we used earth tones) to make everything work together. Nic & Zoe faux fur collar sweater $238.00.

10) Bring a cape into your fall wardrobe. It is an easy transitioning piece from outside to inside and it also makes a great layered look. Echo plaid cape $68.00.

So go ahead and layer up. A style that not only keeps you warm, but also makes any outfit more interesting.All clothing available at One Brilliant.


Suzanne Mauro, AICI

photos & styling by Suzanne Mauro







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