One Brilliant Style File Profile - February

Suzanne Mauro

There is a woman we aspire to be and there is an ease to her that is alluring, both in the way she dresses and how she expresses herself. Our One Brilliant Style File for February Fern Schwartz, Senior Vice-President - Wealth Management for Merrill Lynch, has an eye for great style and a flair for elegant day wear.

Biggest Style Challenge - Maintaining total professionalism while allowing myself some fashion freedom. My industry has relaxed quite a bit, so a suit is no longer my work uniform. I like to be elegant but comfortable.

We just love this Clover Canyon Sea Foam Laser Hem Dress $298.00, paired with Elie Tahari Melanie Coated Tweed Jacket, $468.00, both available at One Brilliant.


Having an eye for great style is something that comes easily for Fern, "I love the pace of Fashion, and how you choose to dress each morning reflects how you feel about your day and yourself". 

Fern we love your personal style and your fashion flair that defines you and inspires us everyday. You stay true to yourself and you define who you are. Don't ever change!


photos & styling by Suz Mauro




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