Who doesn't hold onto closet favorites. I am known for having favorite pieces that I wear time and time again. In fashion, it's all about identifying what works for you, your body shape and your lifestyle. Knowing what you feel you are not, is just as useful as knowing what you feel you are. If you are a little unsure of what might define your personal style, look at what has worked for you in the past, the pieces that made you feel your best. Then break down how you can incorporate these elements into everything you wear going forward. There is nothing more stylish than authenticity. Favorite pieces always add seasonality to your wardrobe. This time of year the weather is so changeable at the start of a new season, you can utilize your summer pieces by layering and combining them with fall pieces. Mixing lighter fabrics with heavier ones. Here is an example of mixing a new fall item with an existing summer piece. 

An accordion pleated skirt, is something you will always find in my wardrobe. It will not only be a staple piece but it always creates a slimming effect for your body type.  I paired this light weight accordion maxi pleated skirt with the amazing tiger printed sweater from Aldo Martin.  This oversized sweater lends an athleisure casual take to the elegant style & takes you into fall with ease.  Tiger printed sweater available at One Brilliant, $228.00

Coats are a piece you find yourself reaching for when the air has a chill. I always say a coat is the first and last thing other people see. It also has to go with multiple functions of your wardrobe. A coat with a longer hem, can be worn with just about everything. For the most universally flattering look, choose a piece that highlights the waist and is about knee length.  

My favorite coat designer has always been Samuel Dong.  Every time I wear one of his coats I am giddy with excitement. They are classic pieces that you will treasure in your wardrobe forever. This water resistant print trench coat with belt is a classic style and always looks chic. (pictured above) Trench by Samuel Dong, available at One Brilliant, $198.00.

Sometimes re-wearing the same pieces throughout the year also helps in creating a consistent through line to your look. Even Carrie Bradshaw recycles her wardrobe. Throughout the current filming of the forthcoming, Sex and The City reboot from HBO Max. Several stellar looks have appeared from the set. As always, Sarah Jessica Parker, has been delivering chic New York style, but bringing back some of her fashion staples from the original series. Her iconic high heels and Fendi Baguette bag are just a few making a comeback.

Fall, is definitely my favorite season when it comes to styling. There are plenty of new pieces out there worth trying and styling with some of your existing favorites. 

Welcome to FALL FASHION, lets get excited together!  See you at One Brilliant.

Suz & her Fendi Baguette

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