Graphic Design You Can Wear

Suzanne Mauro

A graphic line of a dress can flatter you and hide your curves. Volt Design from Canada creates unique visual creations for you to wear.  Fun, ingenuous, sensual and smart each image is created and reproduced one at a time on fabric to softly hug the lines of your silhouette.

The best part of this line is that it feels like a second skin and the maintenance could not be easier. Each piece can be machine-washed. 

Volt dresses are Perfect for traveling, because they are low-maintenance and wrinkle resistant.  Volt dresses are comfortable, stylish and fun to wear Summer through Winter.

Another favorite is their reversible jacket, that can be worn either way depending on your mood.

Volt Design is Ready-To-Wear art at its best. They are standout pieces that belong in every wardrobe. We guarantee you will want them all.

(Volt Design Graphic Dresses pictured above $258.00 available at One Brilliant)

(Volt Design Jacket pictured above $218.00 available a One Brilliant)


pictures & styling by Suzanne Mauro


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