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Since founding her store in 2003, Erica Miller has established her boutique as a go-to for fashion, forward-thinking individuals. She continues to play a part in Pittsburgh's growing fashion scene.

Describe your style?

My style is understated elegance and comfort is key. I like simple lines, a lot of black (the most slimming) and always one bolt of color somewhere on my body. For Fall, I love high waisted jeans, a great sweater and boots.

(Erica is wearing high waisted jeans & ribbed sweater all from One Brilliant.)

Has coronavirus affected your style?

Covid has effected everyone's style. I hope they aren't permanent changes but we have all become creatures of "extreme" comfort. However, like most women, I'm vain enough that I still want to look good all the time. Everyday, I put myself together with a cute outfit, makeup and an accessory or two. The difference is, during Covid times, most days I'm actually wearing tennis shoes (new for me)!

(Erica is wearing faux leather pencil skirt by Joseph Ribkoff and ribbed turtleneck sweater, both available at One Brilliant)

What is your advice on how wardrobes can be put together yet have casual elements during this time.

While we are all spending an inordinate amount of time at home, women have a fashion alert bell that seems to go off every Fall and Spring. It says "I need a few things". Start by editing your closet and finding what you need and then add a few new sweaters, a new pant or jean (as they always change the most) and for fall, a new coat or jacket is key. Lets face it, in Western Pa., we live in our outerwear for many months. It's always the first thing that people see, so make it special!

(Erica is wearing pleated front with smocked cuff sleeve dress by Hale Bob, available at One Brilliant)

Name your number one style influence.

My number one fashion influence is, and always will be, my Mother.

Why do your customers trust you with their style choices.

Customers trust me because I try to be honest. Every style trend is not for every woman!

Do you think that Pittsburgh fashion is changing.

Fashion is a very personal thing, as long as women allow themselves to be open to change, fashion styles will always be morphing. That said, Pittsburgh is a conservative Western, Pa, city. Women tend to hold onto their style for a very long time. Providing a constant flow of newness to women, opens their eyes to possibility.




styling & photos by Suz Mauro








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Your blog is great. I also get dressed up everyday even if I have nowhere to go. I get dressed up to go to the grocery store. I think putting on your makeup and getting dressed even very casually is a big pick me up. If you could please tell me what you are carrying in the outfit with the jeans I love the color.

Alma Shaffer

I do enjoyed this style file. You look great Erica (as always) in every piece you highlighted.

S. Johnson