Wife, mother, daughter, friend, philanthropist and businesswoman. RoxAnne Voelker juggles many roles and like the strongest stone on earth, shines brilliantly at all of them. 

Always confident in her look and style choices, she loves items that are timeless and enjoys creating her own flavor. "The beauty of fashion is that every single woman can look different, They can put their own flavor on an outfit," says RoxAnne.


What is your biggest style challenge?

Saving my special clothes for special occasions only.

If you can relate and have been saving your better clothes out of habit of messing them up or because you are waiting for that special occasion, we say it's time to break the habit. Train yourself to live in beauty every day. Wear your lovely clothes. Style is not about the way you dress, it's about the way you live.     (RoxAnne is wearing Ted Baker Pencil Skirt, $175.00 & Ted Baker Peplum Scallop Top, $229.00 both available at One Brilliant)

What is your favorite go to item in your closet?

I have become a huge fan of ankle-length jeans and pants. They seem like the perfect happy medium. By showing a glimpse of skin at the skinniest part of your leg, they create a slimming silhouette. They also tuck nicely into tall boots because they don't create as much bulk.


(RoxAnne is wearing Walter Poncho with Fur Trim in Blue, $178.00 and Parker Smith Blue Velvet Skinny Pant, $188.00 both available at One Brilliant.)

Do you have a favorite fashion movie?

The Devil Wears Prada

Did you have a fashion influence mentor growing up?

I devoured fashion magazines from cover to cover.

Do you think Pittsburgh is becoming a more stylish city?

Most definitely, with great quality boutiques like One Brilliant, Pittsburgh has the opportunity to grow in retail.


styling & photos by Suzanne Mauro



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