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Suzanne Mauro

Dr. Sheila Collins is a writer, keynote speaker, improvisational artist, performer and an inspiring and captivating woman. Her award-winning book, Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss and the Rituals that Heal, tells of her journeys with two of her three adult children and her best friend through their life-threatening illnesses and deaths. She demonstrates in her presentations and workshops around the globe, how art-based tools have helped her and can help others get through life's toughest challenges.

What is your biggest style challenge?  I do a lot of public presentations, speeches and performances. I do not like to wear sleeveless dresses or tops.  I am also short (5' 4") and short-waisted, so I always look for styles that are most flattering for my body type.  I seem to always find a great selection of clothing and styles that are perfect for me at One Brilliant.

(Sheila is wearing Joseph Ribkoff long tunic $218.00  and matching leggings $118.00 both available at One Brilliant.)

What is your favorite go to item in your closet?  I have a favorite soft zipper sweater that I often grab in the morning.  It is so comfortable and the aqua color picks up my spirits as I sip my morning tea.

(Sheila is wearing Nic & Zoe white blazer $168.00 and Sheer floral blouse, both available at One Brilliant)

Do you Have A Favorite Fashion Movie?  I was influenced by dancers like Cyd Charisse and Leslie Caron. I loved their beautiful dresses that always flowed when they moved.

Did You Have A Mentor Growing Up? I was a dancer at an early age and whenever I think of hair, makeup & fashion, I always think of a woman named Flo, who was our dance captain when I performed in Las Vegas. I was a "teenager" at the time and Flo always shared lots of tricks and secrets with all the dancers on how to always look great day or night, without spending a lot of money.

(Sheila is wearing a knit jacket by Nic & Zoe, $188.00 available at One Brilliant)

Do You Think Pittsburgh Is Becoming A More Stylish City?  I can tell you that wherever I travel, people stop me and ask me where I got whatever I'm wearing. This has happened in Toronto, New York City, Florida and California.  I tell them "Pittsburgh" where else.


You can contact Sheila through her website, facebook & twitter


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