One Brilliant's Five Secrets to Nailing Any Outfit

Suzanne Mauro

Though we each have our own style, shape, likes and dislikes, we do share a love of fashion and the right to wear what we please. We at One Brilliant want to inspire you to forget about don'ts and dress  for every aspect of your life as you see fit. Don't abide by any rules, wear clothes that represent your mood of the moment. With our surefire flattery tricks, you know you will get it right every time. 

1)  Start With Proportion

Loose wide leg trousers under skirts and or dresses will create layers of softness. An oversize pocket adds emphasis to the skirt's flare, which shrinks the waist by contrast. The finishing touch, flat sandals. We just love this black halo cut out dress, $318.00 available at One Brilliant.

2)  Use Color & Prints Strategically

Even simple lines and prints have major shaping potential. Stripes radiating out from a defined middle can enhance an hourglass. A bold line or stripe down the center stretches out a silhouette. We just love this black rose long sleeve dress by Joseph Ribkoff, $208.00 available at One Brilliant and this large collar floral print dress by Joseph Ribkoff, $258.00 available at One Brilliant. 

3) Find Your Fit

In tailored pieces think "close" not "tight". Taking the hem of a curve-hugging dress below the knee emphasizes the shape of your lower half.

We just love this tunic by petit pois, $138.00 available at One Brilliant. (pictured above)

4) Consider the Fabric

Structured materials will be more forgiving for close-fitting dresses or suits. Combining luxurious fabric with similar ones is a good idea for creating chic and luxurious looks. When it comes to gentle fabrics such as chiffon and silk, they are great with such fabrics as lace, organza, velvet and satin. When you combine luxurious fabrics with simple ones, thick fabrics with light ones, you are accentuating the contrast.

5) Finish With the Right Accessories

If the perfect shoe is always critical, a well-chosen necklace or belt can also be an ally in lengthening, sculpting or boosting. 

We love this Joseph Ribkoff black tunic dress with a leather panel, $188.00 available at One Brilliant.


photos & styling by Suzanne Mauro



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