One Brilliant's Rules of Style

Suzanne Mauro

While there's no doubt that styles, or stylishness, comes easier to some than to others, we at One Brilliant believe, that every woman can develop great personal style. 

The quest to nail down your personal style is like driving. Sometimes you know exactly where you're going, but other times you get totally lost along the way. We at One brilliant are always steering you in a fashionable direction. Here are some of our Style Rules and fabulous "new" pieces, to take you in the right direction.

1.  Be Impulsive

"Fashion is about being fearless. Wear things that you love. Sometimes when you experiment with your favorite pieces, you get the best results."   Suz

We just love this Kaleidoscope Camo Keyhole Blouse by Nicole Miller Artelier. (pictured below) A fabulous silk blouse that can transform any out fit into a "wow" factor. You can complete your look with a skinny pant, jean or skirt.  $258.00 available at On Brilliant.

Another one of our favorites, this Joseph Ribkoff form fitting retro chic pattern dress. A style perfectly & effortlessly chic for any occasion. (pictured below) $198.00 available at One Brilliant.

2.  Play With Color

Always reaching for the "safe" neutrals in your closet? Add a new hue to your basic tones. Some colors put you in a better mood when you wear them, they create a visual impression. There is no need to worry about going overboard, you can always adjust any hue's intensity to suit your mood. 

We just love this Joseph Ribkoff multi-colored 3/4 length jacket. It is just the right color to add to any wardrobe. (pictured below) $248.00 available at One Brilliant.

3. Beyond The Basics

Now that you have a solid foundation laid out, there are still a few key pieces of style advice that will move you well beyond looking good to looking fantastic. Always play up your strengths. If you have great legs show them. If you have a small waist enhance it. Use clothes to highlight your best features. Fashion should be uplifting and make you feel and look great. We just love this sheath dress featuring a drape neck & detail cap sleeve by Black Halo. The tap sleeves are proportioned to your shoulder, waist, and hips that leave you feeling two inches taller and five pounds thinner.  (pictured below) $298.00 available at One Brilliant.

4. It's All In The Details

Often so small, and yet so powerful. Pairing the right accessories with an outfit will take your look up a notch. Mixing and matching these extras is a fast and easy way to show off your personal style and artsy mood. Any detail can provide a fun way to add dimension to your wardrobe.  We love this detail black backpack by Lancaster, (pictured below). $155.00 available at One Brilliant.


5.) Fashion Should be Fun.

Remember fashion should be fun. It should never make you feel bad about your self, or sad. It should be uplifting. If you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. There is nothing like wearing something fabulous to guarantee you'll have a good time.

photos & styling by Suzanne Mauro


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