The brooch has prevailed as a symbol of refinement and has a long history that dates back to the Bronze age. These days, however the brooch has transformed into more than just a beautiful fashion statement. It is an accessory of distinction, worthy of understanding and observation.  Brooches can be placed anywhere on your outfit to give it a little bit more personality or to help tell a story. The versatility of these accessories means there are few rules. The brooch is still used for symbolic powers even today. Female members of the British Royal Family are known to use brooches to reinforce diplomatic relations. 

A brooch can capture style and personality unlike any other accessory. We are sharing plenty of inspiration for how you can bring this fabulous accessory into your everyday style.

Wearing a cluster of brooches can add personality to a blazer or shirt. Adding a brooch to a masculine piece will give you a feminine flair.  Don't be afraid to combine a cluster of different styles.

A brooch does not have to be stuck on your lapel. Try one or two on your hats, scarfs and in your hair. Finding new and unusual ways to wear them is always fun. 

Brooches are more noticeable if they contrast with the background. Make sure the fabric can manage the weight of the brooch that you are wearing.

The more elaborate and unique the design of your brooch is, the more you will stand out. Brooches are perfect for elevating any evening wear outfit and can substitute for a necklace or earring. 

It is never too late to start a brooch collection.  We at One Brilliant always have a few in stock. They are indeed old-fashion gems that always add a fresh way to add sparkle to any outfit.

My brooch collection is something I hold dear to my heart forever.   -Suz


A special thanks to our beautiful model, Brooke Korine  

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photos by Suzanne Mauro & Rachel Licht Photography

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