It is always so inspiring to see how others put their look together. At One Brilliant we know that a fabulous wardrobe isn't defined by your stage of life, or your size, or how much something cost.  Looking great is about putting it all together with full confidence & individuality. With this in mind, we are featuring our One Brilliant Style Profile once a month to highlight an individual who we feel has their own fashion personality, confidence, eloquence and style that sets them apart and inspires us everyday.




What is your biggest style challenge?

Wearing age appropriate dressing. To me age-appropriate dressing is wearing outfits that look grown-up. That translates into adding a sophisticated element to any outfit, be it casual or dressy. We can have fun with fashion & style at any age.


Who is your style inspiration?

Babe Paley - She was an American socialite and style icon. She was fashion editor of Vogue in New York City from 1938 - 1947. Her personal, unconventional style was enormously influential and made pantsuits chic during her time. She still remains an icon in the world of fashion & style today.


What was the last clothing/accessory purchase that you made?

The Fillmore Buttercream gold vegan jacket from One Brilliant.


Do you think Pittsburgh is becoming a more stylish town?

Pittsburgh is most definitely becoming a more stylish city. I see more and more people everyday celebrating the person they are, through their individual style & beauty.


Angela Mauro works in conjunction with anti-aging physicians in the Pittsburgh area, promoting health & wellness products. Her mission is to empower you to make you your "own best physician".

Angela we love your style & beauty, you inspire us everyday.


Angela is wearing W118 Black/Tweed Hurley Jacket by Walter Baker, $328.00, Donna Morgan Chanterelle Multi jersey Wrap Dress, $148.00 & Red 23 Faux Fur Vest, $158.00 all available at One Brilliant.







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This is what you call true beauty! Angela you have always shined with elegance and class!

Laura Comanici
In always, a beautiful lady!! Diane Thompson

Angela’s style of dress and appearance always depicts elegance and class, with just the right amount of sophistication. She looks fabulous!

Deborah Ciongoli

Angie always looks great!


Angela looks fabulous!!

Linda Gold

Great look Angela! You and the clothes shine! Great style!

Mary Lee Gannon

Loved the look. Angela looks great.

pat babyak