There are some things that every one looks good in. Certain pieces and styles work for everyone who is willing to try them.

There are a few colors which fall into this category too - but none more so than Navy. It's a universally loved hue within women's style, due to it being able to anchor more adventurous hues as well as make a statement on its own when combined with a unique design or texture. Not only is navy one of the most versatile colors available, it also means it can be worn with pretty much every other piece you already have in your wardrobe, it also flatters all skin tones and is deemed acceptable for even the most conservative or formal occasions. Although considered a classic hue, the fashion community has begun to embrace navy like never before, giving birth to what is being dubbed the "all navy everything" look.

Yet where this aesthetic differs is that all shades are kept on the darker side of the spectrum, without any striking shots of sky blue, cobalt or aqua helping to break up the palette.

Here are a few key tips & tricks for pulling off this chic look.

1. Keep It Subtle - with this in mind, there is no need to go out an buy the craziest, fashion forward pieces you can find in the hue. Instead, try combining simple, pared-down staples such as a navy skirt, jacket or coat.

We just love this navy Walter Baker Skirt, $178.00 paired with this fabulous Bod &  Christensen Leather Jacket $448.00, both available at One Brilliant.


2. Add Texture - When creating any single color ensemble, it's important to create contrast and a sense of balance by utilizing different fabrics.

We love this Eva Franco Cha Cha Fringe Skirt, $158.00 and Satin Twist blouse, $158.00 both available at One Brilliant.

3- Dress Up Your Casual Wear - Navy is an extremely rich color that instantly gives off an air of sophistication. This means that even the most casual of outfits can appear chic & refined.

4- Sweat The Details - We all know how blue and brown complement each other, so why not try and incorporate this combination into your outfit.  Try a navy boot or introduce it thru an accessory.


Suzanne Mauro, AICI

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