The coat is no impulse buy. Here is a garment you wear day after day. Not only do you rely on it to make a good first impression, but you expect it to protect you from the elements and score high on the style-o-meter.  Here are a few tips on finding a coat to flatter your figure.

For a coat that is slimming, keep your lines simple and choose a straight-cut tailored style. Go for a length that is mid-hip or longer. We just love this Luii camel coat $158.00 available at One Brilliant.(below)


Instead of layering yet another sweater under your tailored coat, why not layer a fur vest over your coat. It is much more flattering and less bulky. Make sure the style hits below the hip. We love this Dana Stein Rabbit & Lamb toggle vest, $458.00 available at One Brilliant.

When a puffy coat is flattering: Choose a coat with figure-defining elements. Instead of settling on a shapeless jacket, get a puffer that comes with an attached belt. The belt will cinch in your waist & create curves. We just love this Dana Stein Raccoon collar puffer coat, $298.00 available at One Brilliant.


Does my coat always have to cover my skirt hem? The old style rule that your coat must always be about a half-inch longer than your skirt is no longer an absolute. Today, rules are more fluid - which leaves you and your sense of proportion to figure out what looks best. While it depends on the styles of the coat and skirt, generally, you're safe if a straight skirt is longer than the coat by at least an inch. Over fuller skirts, a shorter coat should be wide or short enough not to visibly bunch the skirt fabric together.

Suzanne Mauro, AICI







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