Adding sequins to a piece you're wearing is the perfect way to up your glam game. We all know how to wear sequins at night, but transforming that piece into daytime can be tricky. The trick is to keep it simple and not go overboard with your styling. Here is a few tricks from taking your much loved sparklers from your closet to your daytime look.

1) With Denim - Pair your sequined top with a pair of denim. Denim is the ultimate casual wear item and anything paired instantly gets relaxed and laid back vibe.

We just love our favorite sequined tank by Fifteen Twenty $188.00 available at One Brilliant. Paired with black washed jeans and cozy sweater by Language, $118.00 available at One Brilliant.


2) Black Sequins - Opt for black sequins for a more casual look and pair with dark pieces. Opt for a fun shoe to complete your look.


3) Something Optional - Another safe way to wear sequins during the day is to wear it on something optional and removable like a jacket or blazer. This allows you to wear it whenever you want and can.

4) Accessorize with Sequins - Start off with a low-key way to sport sequins. Wearing sequined accessories like purses, belts and shoes will give your outfit that nice yet subtle pop of glam that's eye-catching enough but not too overpowering.

Remember if you want to wear sequins during the day, go for it. Don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise!


Suzanne Mauro, AICI



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