Great style is about developing your own unique fashion personality. That's why we are so excited about our featured Style File Profile, Alice Jaffe.

The most stylishly forward women have cultivated their personal look but still have fun translating the trends. Alice has the fashionable gravitas to pull off something truly dramatic and no matter what she wears she always looks phenomenal. She has the know-how to reinvent a range of options for any occasion.

Sometimes it's just that simple. "In a world that's increasingly cluttered, a clean, fuss-free look is a refreshing & fashion-forward move, and one that is very chic", says Alice. "I see women every day at One Brilliant and it is truly inspiring, they put on a dress or an outfit and look so great, they are unaware of how beautiful they really look".

What is your biggest style challenge? My biggest style challenge for me at my age is covering parts of my anatomy, arms and legs for example, so many clothes are sleeveless." An elongated coat or jacket can be your-go-to item, the extra bit of length for day gives you leaner proportions, says Alice I also love trousers, you can never really have enough, especially if they slim and lengthen", says Alice.

What was the last clothing/accessory that you made? Most likely a necklace, earring or scarf. I cannot do without a scarf. "A large pashmina-like style will not only be a chic cover-up, but it can also be a unifying design element," says Alice.

What is the one thing in your closet you cannot live without? It depends on the time of year. Winter/ Fall it is cashmere, keeps me warm and is so luxurious at the same time. Summer/Spring nothing is better than an ankle pant and silk top.

Is Pittsburgh becoming more stylish? We see people all the time in clothes they say they would never wear, we are really becoming a more fashion aware city.


Great style has nothing to do with the date on your driver's license and a fashionable wardrobe isn't defined by your stage of life - looking great is about putting it all together with assurance & individuality. The secret to remaining vital in our later years is to never stop being curious, never stop creating and never stop having fun.

Alice we love your youthful mind, spirit, personal style & individual creativity. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Don't ever change!

written & styled by Suzanne Mauro, AICI






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Alice jaffe is the BEST model I have seen in a long time. OB picked a great spokesperson. Other than modeling, her hobbies include makeup

Jane and JJ