What to buy this January? Start the new year off on the right foot with our astrology-based shopping guide for this month, savvy pieces to buy that will work in unison with what is in your stars.

This month's star - Capricorn

Your sign rules the bones & knees particularly, so it is always best to invest in a good knee-length boot. Yes, we still have a few left.

The Flat Equestrian Boot by Schee Footwear, detailed with crystal toe cap, now on Sale at One Brilliant.

Wear hematite or obsidian jewelry, set in silver or gold, to achieve success in 2015. (pictured below all available at One Brilliant)

Always make the most of the transits of Saturn, your planetary ruler. Saturn currently occupies  spiritual Sagittarius and mystical colors like deep blue and purple will increase your intuition. Trust your instincts now and choose your confidantes with care. Don't let anyone hold you back from your dreams.

Suzanne Mauro, AICI





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